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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Showtime Bids Madlang People Goodbye

What began as a search for the country’s most entertaining acts two years ago turned out to be a hit variety program that launched a thousand trends for Filipinos here and abroad.

The show has, in its own way, established itself as its own brand of entertainment thriving on spontaneity and animated conversations. It is more fun in “Showtime” as it keeps churning out popular catchphrases and gimmicks, draws people and barangays together to showcase their talents, and finds thrill and joy in the most mundane situations.

Since it went on air in October 2009, it became a source of the phrases ‘may nagtext,’ ‘party-party,’ ‘Baliwag University,’ and even propelled terms like ‘havey’ and ‘waley’ from obscurity into mainstream use.

‘Madlang people’ and ‘unkabogable,’ probably the past year’s biggest and most enduring words, are now infused into Filipinos’ everyday discussions and get-togethers.

Its immensely well-known ‘sample’ segment also drives celebrities like its hosts Anne Curtis, Vhong Navarro, Vice Ganda, ‘Kuya’ Kim Atienza, Billy Crawford, Karylle, Jugs Jugueta, and Teddy Corpuz and the numerous actors, entrepreneurs, models, and athletes who served as judges in the show and the ‘madlang people’ out of their comfort zones.

When the crowd starts yelling, “Sample! Sample! Sample!” they should pull out all the stops for a talent exhibition that should be as compelling as possible.

A prominent trendsetter, the program also promoted gimmicks such as the ‘face dance,’ ‘nose-to-nose,’ and the ‘take your shirt off’ portion that became instant hits and endeared by audiences.

The much-anticipated ‘word of the day’ segment also challenges not only the hosts and judges but the ‘madlang people’ to formulate puns of strange-sounding English words.

Amidst its successful run, the show’s hosts remain its true assets. There is never a dull moment what with Vice’s offhand observational humor, Vhong and Billy’s refreshing wit, Anne and Karylle’s undeniable charm, Kuya Kim’s characteristic cleverness, and Jugs and Teddy’s comic quips that all make up for the show’s remarkable appeal. Moreover, it was also in the talent-variety show where the public watched the unfolding of Anne’s wacky side through her often amusing opening chant.

True to the slogan ‘magpasikat,’ “Showtime” has become the public arena in which gifted Filipinos showcase their wide-ranging talents and fulfill their simple wish to be seen on television.

Bringing only the best of Filipino talents, the hit show was the launching pad for dance groups XB Gensan, its Season 1 champion, Laoag Gymnastics Group of Season 2, True Colors of Season 3, and Astig Pinoy of Season 4 that brought collective triumph to the barangays they represent.

Through the show’s ‘barangayan’ aspect, the contestants’ struggles and victory become a shared effort that binds their local communities. As long as the “Showtime” stage is set and ready, there is proof that success is always within reach to those who work hard enough to make their dreams come true.

But through it all, like what they always say "Some good things never last" and so with "Showtime". Just this morning, January 28, the "Showtime" family - from host, dancers, past and present hurados, staff and crew and all the guests that made the show number 1 for the past two years bid madlang people a teary yet wacky goodbye. Because it’s your show and your time, it's “Showtime”.

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