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Friday, April 26, 2013

Sample King Jhong Hilario's Accidental Exposure of Private Part in Instagram!

The actor-host-dancer Jhong Hilario is now on the center of controversy after his private part was exposed in the social media site Instagram!  

Jhong uploaded his photo in the said site via his official account but accidentally exposed his private part! The photo is actually a collage of his bathing experience in SPA in Boracay. But in one of the three photos, his private part was accidentally shown!   

Here is the full uncut version of the said photo uploaded by Jhong in Instagram: 

The photo was uploaded just this Tuesday, April 16, 2013. Jhong already deleted it. But since the world-web-wide is hi-tech nowadays, many internet users were already got the photo and republished in their blogs, websites, and other social media sites. In our case, we got this full version photo in this site: link Credit to the owner.

Jhong is not anymore interested to air his side regarding this incident.

Looking at the said photo, it's not that scandalous that everyone is thinking. Maybe others were just creating a big issue out of a small accident.

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