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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Justin Bieber Shouts "Hello Manila!" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Concert

Justin Bieber staged a very successful jampacked concert in Stadium Merdeka Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last night, April 21 as part of his "My World" 2011 Asian Tour. But one funny "boo-boo" happened when he showed up on stage and greeted his Malaysian fans "Hello Manila!".

According to a friend who is based there and personally witness the concert, the Canadian international pop teen sensation addressed the Malaysian concertgoers with "Hello Manila!" instead of "Hello Malaysia!".

What was he thinking? This must be organizers' mistakes - an honest mistake? Or Bieber must be confused or over-excited to meet his fans..Manila fans that is. I wonder if he gets even and will greet his Manila fans, "Hello Malaysia!" Hahahah!

Joel Madden, Good Charlotte's frontman, also had an impromptu number with the teen superstar on stage. They sang Dance Floor Anthem. That performance made Joel an instant hit. He even twitted, "I'm trending on Twitter right now? WTF man. That's what happens when you get on stage with Justin Bieber. Hell yeah... Thanks for the good times KL, Malaysia was good, now it's time for Singapore."

It is also reported that his girlfriend - the equally famous Selena Gomez - was also in Malaysia to give support and show her love to her Bieber! We heard some Malaysian fans didn't like it. But what can do you, they're inlove!

Incidentally, Justin Bieber will also hold his Manila concert on May 10, 2011 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

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renzel joy said...

haha that was totally an epic fail for the beebs :))