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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Love or Duty? Enemies To Turn Into Lovers in “My Princess”

A royal welcome is about to take place on Monday, March 28, as the year’s biggest Korean drama “My Princess” finally arrives on Philippine TV.

Topbilled by Asia’s premiere actor Song Seung Hun as “Ethan” and Korea’s most beautiful woman Kim Tae Hee as “Lizelle,” “My Princess” promises to heat up the season with 100% kilig and romance.

Find out what happens when Lizelle, an ordinary student who makes a living from dressing up like a princess, turns out to be a real princess.

Lizelle’s dream to be with her father crumbled upon learning that he's already dead. But what really turned her life around was the discovery that she has royal blood! She will meet Ethan, a rich diplomat and the grandson of the man that destroyed her and her father’s lives.

Lizelle accepts the challenge of being a princess to clear her father’s name but it won’t be an easy task as Ethan is also dead set to prevent the restoration of the monarchy because this would mean giving up the fortune he grew up with.

Amid their petty quarrels and disagreements, something unexpected will happen between the two “mortal enemies” - and that’s falling in love with each other.

What will Lizelle choose, her duty as princess or her feelings for Ethan? Can Ethan give up everything for Lizelle?

Experience 100% kilig in the romantic love story of “My Princess,” starting this Monday, March 28, 5pm on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold, before “Mula sa Puso.”

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