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Monday, October 3, 2011

Anti-Angry Birds Bill of Rep. Winnie Castelo, a Hoax

Anti-Angry Birds Bill of Rep. Winnie Castelo, a Hoax

Anti-Angry Birds bill is not true.

Rumors circulating in various social networking sites states that Congressman Winston “Winnie” Castelo of Quezon City filed House Bill 5379 or the Anti-Angry Birds Bill, prohibiting the monopoly of Angry Birds merchandises.

According to rumors, Rep. Castelo, who's anti-planking bill received numerous flak from netizens (read related post HERE), got the idea for the alleged bill when he went shopping at a mall and saw a lot of Angry Birds products. “Everywhere I looked, ‘Angry Birds’ this, ‘Angry Birds’ that! Where is the product diversity? Shouldn’t the DTI be monitoring this?” the representative supposedly said.

In an interview, Rep. Castelo denied the rumor and even pledged that he himself is an Angry Bird fan.

play the game. That’s the favorite of my son. It’s a hoax, kuryente,” he said.

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