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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sebastian Castro to Vice Ganda: "Vice Ganda is awsome! There is no Vice Ganda equivalent to anywhere!"

Mula nang lumabas sa YouTube ang music video ng Philippine-based Peruvian-Japanese commercial model na si Sebastian Castro, naging mainit na ang pangalan niya sa showbiz and modelling circle.
Ang kanyang music video na “Bubble” ay may mahigit 269,000 views na sa loob lamang ng isang linggo.
Sa nasabing video, hindi lang pagkanta, kaguwapuhan, at kaseksihan ang ipinakita ni Sebastian kundi nagpahiwatig din siya ng kanyang sexual preference.
Ilang araw matapos pagpiyestahan ang “Bubble,” inamin ni Sebastian sa kanyang YouTube channel (sebastian castro) na isa siyang gay.
Dahil sa magkakasunod na mga rebelasyon, umingay ang pangalan ni Sebastian.
Ito rin ang naging pasaporte niya para i-guest siya sa H.O.T. TV ng GMA-7 last Sunday, February 24.
Bilang patunay ng mabilis niyang pagsikat, hindi pa man isinasalang si Sebastian sa kamera para sa isang interview, kaliwa’t kanan na ang mga nagpapa-picture sa kanya. Animo’y isang sikat na Kapuso actor ang modelo.

 A few days later, February 18, Sebastian made the announcement to his "sebsters"--his term of endearment for his followers--He is gay.

In his video Seb proudly said, "Hello, Sebsters. I just came out of the closet on all my social media. I am gay. I am proud to be gay. I am proud to be one of you.

"I... It's a relief actually. It feels good..."

He shared the hardships he experienced when he told his parents and his friends about his being gay.  He also confessed he once thought of killing himself when he was a teenager.

But Seb, obviously realizing living is better, told his sebsters to not go in the same lonely and "bad place" where he had been during his teens.

He assured them, "I don't care if I'm tweeting every day obnoxiously, and annoying people left and right, I'll be around, like...there. You know he's there. You know what he's doing, you know that he's talking to you."

He also told those who are currently going through the same hardships that he went through when he came out years ago in the U.S. to, "don't do anything stupid. You're worth more than that.

"I know it doesn't seem...sometimes, like it's gonna happen. But you're gonna find the person who loves you for you."


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