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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Who's the real supreme QUEEN? Angel Locsin (ABS-CBN) or Marian Rivera (GMA)?

Excuse me for using comparison, We all know that there's no point in comparing Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera, really. But just to give Kapuso Fantards a straight punch in their Faces. Let’s do this!

1. Angel Locsin is currently not doing any Primetime series yet she is in-demand product commercial endorser.
Currently, Angel's commercial are being actively shown in both of ABS-CBN and GMA commercial gaps. She is currently shooting another TVC shot in Bangkok!

Marian Rivera, amidst of being active in T.V esp. in Primetime don't have any active and current product commercial endorsement airing in any network!

2. Angel Locsin posed at FHM last 2010 without on-ground photo-shoot and yet she still managed to be on the FHM top 3 for 2013.
While Marian Rivera is on the Top spot in FHM sexiest, this is brought about by the fact that she posed this January 2013, almost 5 months before the FHM battle for the Sexiest. (Not to mention that GMA owns a share in that print Magazine)

3. Angel Got 2 block-buster movies in 2012. (One More Try- 213.00 million and Unofficially Yours, 157.25 million) She is starring anew in a powerhouse movie slated this year under the title Four Sisters and a wedding.

Marian Rivera released no movies in 2012 and wasn't able to reach, surpass or even match Angel Locsin's Blockbuster hits. She is starring in a supposed Valentine (or should I say 2012 pa!) movie but rescheduled to NPD or "No Permanent Date".

4. Recently, Angel Locsin headlines the Award-winning Sit-Com Toda Max which is running for more than a year now.

Marian Rivera Starred in a Sit-Com recently but was short-lived.

5. Angel Locsin has proven herself already in acting department and started year 2008 when she switched from GMA to ABS-CBN. She is truly a world class actress! She was awarded as Best Actress in credible award-giving bodies such as Asian Star Entertainment Global Excellence Awards, PMPC Star Awards for TV, Box-Office Entertainment Awards, Yahoo! OMG Awards, Gawad PASADO Awards, PMPC Star Awards for Movies and FAMAS Award aside from the universities across the nation giving her acting commendations and recognition.

Marian Rivera just got her first Best actress year 2013 from Golden Screen awards plus some universities giving her acting recognition.

6. Angel Locsin only starred in 3 Teleseryes in ABS-CBN starting 2007 up to 2013. All the Teleseryes were a success, giving high notes in terms of Ratings, Popularity, Casting and lead performance, Airtime Gap investments and was able to conquer the merchandising market and the first Online Episodes to broadcast via Imortal Webisodes plus sold out program license globally. She also manages to be an in-demand Print Ad, Billboard and TV commercial Endorser that are all active until now. Angel Locsin also was nominated in the international Emmy’s. The second Pinay to make it in the Emmy’s acting Department.

Marian Rivera starred in 8 teleseryes in GMA Starting 2007 up to 2013 yet only few are noted to be a success in terms of Ratings, Popularity, Airtime Gap investments and Lead performance! No other first in the history were noted this time. No commendations, no recognitions, No nominations. From 2007, she noted also declining endorsement up until today that we don’t see her in any commercials being aired in TV despite of her rampant appearances in GMA programs.

7. Angel Locsin is the most coveted Artist for Magazine covers. In year 2012 despite of her absence in Primetime which is said to be an excellent time and avenue for Advertisers and Marketers, she just starred in Toda Max, Angel Locsin is the only Pinay to cover a whooping 9 top-selling Magazines and 1 feature magazine in People Asia as one of the People of the year. (10 total magazines released in a year. Imagine her having a cover in each month of 2012)

Marian Rivera is tagged as GMA primetime queen. Been in Primetime last 2012 having starred in Amaya, My Beloved, Temptation Of Wife and Extra Challenge plus Tweets for my Sweet. Marian Rivera wasn’t abe to mactch or to surpass Angel Locsin’s Magazine cover despite of her full advantage of being active in T.V.

8. Angel Locsin aside from being consistent top choice for Most Beautiful Pinay, The only Pinay to note 7 years straight in the Top 3 FHM Philippines’ Sexiest, almost hall of Famer for Most Sexiest Pinay, she is also a Red-Cross Ambassadress of Good will, Role model for the youth, Icon of the Year, Makabata Star Awardee and Noted as one of the most influential People. Angel Locsin Got Beauty and Brains, Heart and soul! She’s consistent in reaching out the poor and the needy ones. She does have an online auction site, donated to countless charities.

Marian Rivera is also a top choice as Most Beautiful Pinay, Awarded also as FHM Philippines’ Sexiest. Being an Ambassadress of Goodwill is not for her, since she has been the center of scandals since year 2008. There are more brawl issues than helping news being broadcasted about Marian Rivera.

9. Angel Locsin is a versatile Actress. Angel experienced all sorts in T.V and Movie industry. She starred in Drama, Comedy, Action, Fantaserye, Sexy, Romance and Horror. She was able to portray best a Pinay superhero, Mage, Adventurer, Cook, Mother, Nurse, Crazy person, Foreigner and a Wolf among others. She was able to throw lines do scenes with most of the industries prized actor and actresses.

Marian Rivera is said to experienced similar roles, if not, roles that didn’t take much of a challenge and a child wonder in ABS-CBN can fulfill. Marian is bounded also with limited actors and actress. She’s been all along with Starlets. She wasn’t able to find the right title to really fit her. Perhaps, Telebabad Queen, there’s no need to argue because she is.

10. Angel Locsin is tagged now as Action-Drama queen of the Philippines.

Marian Rivera wasn't able to find the right title to really fit her. Perhaps, Telebabad Queen, there’s no need to argue because she is.

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