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Monday, June 6, 2011

Hit Thai Movie ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ Premieres on Philippine TV Via ABS-CBN

The long wait is over as the highly anticipated hit Thai movie of 2010 “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” finally premieres on Philippine free TV this Sunday (June 5) in ABS-CBN’s “Kapamilya Blockbuster.”
Fans of Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer (above) and Thai sweetheat Baifern (below) are definitely excited to relive the sweet moments of Nam and Shone in this talked about movie hit and certified internet sensation.
Follow the ups and downs in love of Nam (Baifern), an ordinary high school girl who has a crush on campus heartthrob and senior Shone (Mario Maurer). With the help of her friends, she will do everything she can just to be noticed by her Prince Charming. She will change the way she looks and change and even attempts to be the star of the school but will this be enough to grab Shone’s attention? Will she be able to experience her first love or first heartbreak?
Don’t miss highly anticipated romantic drama “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” to be aired for the first time on Philippine free-TV this Sunday (June 5), 10:15 AM on “Kapamilya Blockbuster” on ABS-CBN.
Watch the 4 teaser trailers of the tagalized version of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” here:
Check out the original movie trailer of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” here:

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