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Friday, August 26, 2011

New 7 Wonders of Nature Global Poll Update as of August 2011

New 7 Wonders of Nature recent poll update shows that the Puerto Princesa Underground River in Palawan is currently at the no. 3 spot 77 days before the announcement of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. 


From no. 1, the Puerto Princesa Underground River dropped to no. 3 of the Most International voting trends: 

While in the Most National voting trends, the Puerto Princesa Underground River secured its 3rd position: 

Located in what is considered “the last frontier”, the Puerto Princesa Underground River in Palawan is the country’s lone contender in the global poll now being contested by 27 other official finalists from an initial list of 400 locations worldwide. 

2 WAYS TO VOTE: 1. Vote by telephone in three easy steps: 

a.) Dial one of these international telephone numbers
+23 92201055 
+1 869 760 5990 
+1 649 339 8080 
+44 758 900 1290 

b) At the end of the message, after the tone, insert the 4 digit code for your chosen nominee. The code for Puerto Princesa Underground River is 7723

c) When you hear the thank you message, you are all done – you have voted by telephone! 

2. Vote online by logging on to the New 7 Wonders of Nature Website 

a) On the 6th row of the 3rd column, click the box that pertains to Puerto Princesa Underground River. 

b) Then you need to create an account by filling up the form.c) Click “Send Your Vote”

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