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Monday, July 11, 2011

Azkals Rape Scandal?

So it has reached the media. TV Patrol will be reporting about the alleged "Azkals Rape Scandal" tonight.
Azkals Rape Scandal???
The alleged Azkals Rape Scandal started as a blind item on a fashion blog. According to the blind item, three athletes got drunk one night and took home a random girl from a bar. While the three were having some "hot fun" with the girl, one of them said to have recorded a video of the act. The next morning, the girl found out about the video but the athletes denied it and threw the girl outside the house. A recent update of the article is saying that the girl already filed rape charges against the athletes. Although not named, people are saying that the clues point out to three members of the national football team, The Azkals.

Meanwhile, a blogger said, actress Michelle Madrigal's tweet recently has something to do with the Azkals Scandal?

"People should stop assuming..I'm friends with neil,simon n anton.wala naman kayong alam kaya sana wag kayo gumawa ng kwento.don't hate coz I'm cool w them!to all the fans I'm NOT dating neil etheridge.I don't normally care about what people say but your words are hurting me deeply.thank u n godbless!" @mitch_madrigal posted on Twitter July 4th.

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