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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Four Azkal members involved in rape?

Azkal player Neil Etheridge in a match
Accusations of rape against four members of the Azkals are making its round in the internet. Pinoy Gossip Boy is in receipt of rather delicate information against four of the most venerated football players in the country.
The information consist of purported screen shots of a Facebook conversation between one “Neil Etheridge,” most likely to be believed as the same Neil Etheridge from the Azkals and a certain “Paul Weiler” believed to be a PFF consultant and a Facebook message by Mr. Weiler himself explaining the details of the accusation.
Four names were implicated by Mr. Weiler as involved in the alleged rape of a young woman in Manila; they were Anton del Rosario, Jason Sabio, Simon Greatwich, and Neil Etheridge, all believed to be members of the Philippine Azkals. The screen shot of the said message is posted below.
A copy of the Facebook message exchange mentioned above is posted below:

Pinoy Gossip Boy neither confirms nor denies the veracity of the above-written information. Furthermore, Pinoy Gossip Boy denies to draw any conclusions based on the above information. Pinoy Gossip Boy publishes the raw information without any affirmation as to its authenticity.
However, it is important to shed light on the character of Paul Weiler. A number of people think that this is among Paul’s many schemes to discredit the Azkals as he has an ax to grind against the football team or the football federation for that matter. Sources say that Paul Weiler was indeed appointed consultant in Germany but was discharged immediately for reasons unknown to Pinoy Gossip Boy.
In the spirit of responsible blogging, Pinoy Gossip Boy does not, in any way, pass judgment on the issue. This blog is open to whoever has a stake on the issue at hand.  Readers are advised to take caution and extra care in weighing in whether the above information is true or false. You may reach the author by commenting below with your contact details.
So, do you think this is true or just a black propaganda against the Azkals by a former PFF consultant?

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