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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Victor Basa, the father of Andi Eigenmann's baby?

Victor Basa has been dragged to Andi Eigenmann's pregnancy issue by a rumor saying the model-actor is the father of Andi's unborn child. The rumor said that Victor Basa was Andi's first boyfriend which the actress allegedly admitted in a "The Buzz" interview, long time ago. Victor and Andi said to have started getting close while the two were still inside the Pinoy Big Brother House.
Andi Eigenmann and Victor Basa | Photo courtesy of Facebook and Myspace

Jaclyn Jose, Andi's Mom, revealed in an emotional interview last week that her daughter is pregnant and the father of her daughter's baby is Andi's "first boyfriend."

Just a while back, Victor has denied the issue via Twitter. He posted the following on the popular microblogging site:

"Just to clear the air regarding allegations and speculations about Andi's pregnancy. I am not involved in this issue. I was never Andi's boyfriend, and I think it is unfair to @divinemlee who I've happily been with for 2 years now. I believe that many can attest to this. We have already made a statement regarding this matter," Victor tweeted.

Meanwhile, on her blog, Victor Basa's girlfriend Divine Lee clarified things up by answering her reader's question:
Anonymous asked you:Ms. D! Ano po ang masasabi niyo sa chismis na si V daw ang ama ng anak ni Andi Eigenman?

D: Haha! Impossible. Kasi una we’ve been together for quite sometime na. Dalwang birthday na kami magkasama ni V. And we were both out of the country when the baby was conceived. We wish her well. We admire her strength. A lot of girls would prefer an easier way out. She’s mature well beyond her years for owning it up. As for the mahiwagang chika, Actually, anyone who follows this vlag or our twitters would know na wala kami nun. so hindi lang updated ang mga nagchichismis :) hahaha!

And lastly, d uso samin ang ganap na ganyan. Haha! Everyone has a choice to stay in a relationship or not, we don;t see the need to cheat :)

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