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Monday, July 11, 2011

Philippine Volcanoes: National Rugby Team Members (Photos and Video)

Philippine Volcanoes, the Philippine National Rugby Team, became the hottest topics among netizens as well as offline recently after the traffic-stopping billboards of their members wearing nothing but their underwear were taken down after requests from public officials.
Philippine Volcanoes Bench Billboard Ad | Courtesy of Bench

Prior to this, Philippine Volcanoes' existence is relatively unknown to some but they actually have been performing well in the international Rugby scene. The team brought home gold medals in 2005 and silver medals in 2007 from the South East Asian Games. For 3 years (from 2008-2010), the Volcanoes Men's 15 team were the champions in the Asian 5 National. They are also the 2009 and 2010 gold medalists at the Asian Junior Rugby Division 2 (Under 20's).

Recently, the group posed for local clothing brand Bench to promote their sports and raise funds for the team - the billboard ads were the outcome of it. Check out below behind-the-scenes footage of the Philippine Volcanoes' photo-shoot for Bench:

Philippine Volcanoes Bench Photo-shoot Behind-the Scenes | Video courtesy of Bench
Below are the names of the Philippine Volcanoes members:

Phil Abraham 
Austin Dacanay 
Michael Duhig 
Josh Sutcliffe 
Richard Taylor 
Nick Perry 
Nick Pineda 
Jaime Urquijo 
Kit Guerra 
Chris Hitch 
Tyler Perez 
Rafael Zappia 
Michael de Guzman 
Jake Letts 
James Price 
Oliver Saunders 
Justin Coveney 
Gareth Holgate 
Rupert Zappia 
Joven Clarke 
Luke Matthews 
Patrice Olivier 
Matt Saunders 
Michael Letts

Also check out the following photos of some of Philippine Volcanoes members from Bench and Facebook:

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