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Sunday, June 30, 2013

CINEMALAYA 2013 Trailers from DSweetBox

'The Diplomat Hotel' 30 Sec. Teaser

Another entry from Quantum Films this 2013 Cinemalaya Film Festival is the horror film 'The Diplomat Hotel', helm by Chris Castillo for the 'New Breed' category. 'The Diplomat Hotel' is not your ordinary horror film. With plots and twists that will make you think and with Gretchen Barretto leading the cast, surely, this is one entry I will watch! Below is the 30 sec. teaser which I can say is the best teaser from the film so far. Check out that shadow behind Gretchen (above photo). Can't wait for the full trailer! What can you say about 'The Diplomat Hotel'? Sound-off your entry below.

video upload and screengrab credits to YouTube: josabethalonso.

'Babagwa (Spider's Lair)' Two New Teasers

Quantum Films has five entries in the upcoming Cinemalaya Film Festival and one entry that creates a lot of buzz is Jason Paul Laxamana's 'Babagwa (Spider's Lair)' . The story line is very interesting, something that is so now. Alex Medina top bills 'Babagwa (Spider's Lair)' and by watching the teasers, Alex really is oozing with sex appeal! This is also the big screen comeback of Alma Concepcion. Watch two new teasers below.

video upload andcsreengrab credits to YouTube: quantumfilmsprodn.

'Tuhog' - A Black Comedy Film

After the success of 'Four Sisters and a Wedding', Star Cinema continue it's 20th year celebration by giving us a different kind of movie via their sister film production Skylight Films, 'Tuhog'. A black comedy that stars Eugene Domingo, Enchong Dee and Leo Martinez. Watching the trailer, it looks like this movie is going to be a trilogy or it can be an intertwining stories (like 'Jologs') or it can just be one movie and it will be interesting for me to see how they will make it flow. Can there be death? I see a very dark scene, ako lang to ah! Will the accident shown from the trailer be the 'Tuhog' scene? a long iron rod or any hard debris maybe will stab (See the photo aboveEugene, Leoand Enchong? Thus came the poll question: 'Sino Ang Dapat Mabuhay Sa Kanila?' To answer this poll go HERE. What do you think of my gory theory? 'Tuhog' also stars Jake Cuenca, Empress, Rodjun Cruz, Manuel Chua, Noel Trinidad and more. 'Tuhog' opens on July 17th.

video upload and screen grab credits to YouTube: absstarcinema.

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