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Sunday, June 30, 2013

ShoowbizExpoBEST5and10: Coolest Pinoy versions of Psy's 'Gentleman' and Gwiyomi/Kiyomi

With all indications of breaking another YouTube record, Psy's newest single, 'Gentleman,' would likely spawn many parodies and a number of celebrities would likely dance the horse trot, similar to what happened to the South Korean K-pop artist's first megahit, 'Gangnam Style.'

Different Pinoy celebrities joined the latest YouTube craze bandwagon by doing their own version of Psy's 'Gentleman.'

Here's our Top 10:

1. Chicser x Petra version

2. Best Gentleman dance by Mejeng -Filipina

3. Sexy Dance Cover by Rene Mayo

4. Mahal dances 'Gentleman

5. Gwapong-Gwapong Jejeman

6. J.A.C.K.'s Gentleman by PSY Pinoy parody

7. Gentleman dance Psy Pinoy Cover by mymowchie

8. PSY Gentleman Filipino version by Geneva Cobcoban

9. Pinoy Seaman Version

10. 'Gentleman' Pinoy Parody by Kenzer Poon

Different Pinoy celebrities joined the latest YouTube craze bandwagon by doing their own version of Gwiyomi/Kiyomi.

The latest viral sensation Gwiyomi dominated the internet’s video as celebrities performed their own version since this song came top on the mainstream for about a month ago. Lots of people including our Pinoy celebrities are doing their own version of Gwiyomi/Kiyomi, but these list are really great ones coming from some of our famous celebrities here in the Philippines.

Gwiyomi/Kiyomi song has become so popular that many of our famous people have also put up their very own unique & special version. Gwiyomi Song or Kwiyomi Song (귀요미송) is the lead single from 귀요미송 (Re Title), a digital single by a South Korean indie singer Hari which describes the love of a girl and a boy.

Check out our list below:

1. Kylie Padilla

2. TJ Marquez

3. Vice Ganda

4. Yeng Constantino

5. Heart Evangelista

Do you agree with our list?

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