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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tom Rodriguez: "My Husband's Lover" Provocative Trailer Out!

GMA Network launches another groundbreaking TV project via its upcoming primetime series "My Husband's Lover".

GMA Network is innovating content as it showcases a sensitive theme that has never been aired as a series on Philippine TV. Beginning June 10, primetime viewing will never be the same again as GMA presents the most provocative drama series of the network through My Husband's Lover.

This highly-dramatic and intriguing soap opera tackles true to life relationships. My Husband's Lover dares to defy all conventions on traditional drama soaps and will definitely capture viewers all over the countyr. It will draw viewers to understand that love is not defined by sexual preference and no matter how different it is from the love we all know; it could still be equally pure, selfless and true.

My Husband's Lover is topbilled by Carla Abellana, Dennis Trillo, introducing the newest Kapuso
Tom RodriguezAlso in the cast are Glydel Mercado, Karel Marquez, Victor Basa, Pancho Magno, Bettina Carlos, Kevin Santos, Roi Vinzon, Chanda Romero and Ms. Kuh Ledesma.

Watch the trailer below:

In the series, Vincent (Tom Rodriguez) got his girlfriend Lally (Carla Abellana) pregnant while they were still in college. So they decided to get married even if Vincent's mother Elaine (Kuh Ledesma) was very much against it. Thus Lally's married life was never smooth-sailing because of Elaine. But for the love for her husband, Lally endures the hardships in dealing with her mother-in-law.

However, when Lally got pregnant on their second child, Vincent suddenly became distant and cold towards her. Lally felt that Vincent was being unfair to her so she decided to leave together with their children. Vincent loves his kids so much, so he tried to win back his wife by proposing and this time getting married again with a blessing from the church.

Lally and Vincent's married life became better after the church wedding. But unknown to Lally, Vincent is keeping a secret from her; it is also his secret he kept from everyone else ever since he was young.

He is a closeted gay.

He kept his secret hidden for so long, afraid that he'll destroy his family. However, everything changes when he meets Eric (Dennis Trillo) again. Eric was and still Vincent's great love. But unlike Vincent, Eric is openly gay and he is still in love with Vincent as well. Because their strong feelings for each other, they started having an affair.

Vincent tries to hide the affair from Lallu by showering her with gifts and attention. However, Lally's intuition tells her that something is wrong even though everything in her married life seems fine. That's when she started to investigate. She eventually learned of Vincent's darkest secret.

Will Lally give up on her husband or will she fight foe her marriage? Will Vincent choose Eric over his family or will he stay with his wife and children?

My Husband's Lover shows a different kind of love triangle that will tackle acceptance, forgiveness, and real love and will redefine the concept of marriage.

Under the helm of director Dominic Zapata, My Husband's Lover premieres June 10 on GMA Telebabad.

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