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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mariel Rodriguez Bids Goodbye to ABS-CBN

In three separate K-texts to her fans, Mariel Rodriguez confirms she is leaving her home network ABS-CBN. She thanks everyone who was important to her career and acknowledges that it is the Kapamilya network who launched her to stardom. She also adds in the last message that she will attend Toni Gonzaga’s concert on Septemeber 30 and that they are still friends. Mariel says it’s the hardest thing she had to do in her whole life and she hopes to keep in touch with her followers despite her leaving the network.

Below are Mariel’s Ktext messages, all dated September 23, 2011.

“This is the card I sent to tita cory vidanes I told tita cory that I will still go to her bday parties this is nothing personal...its just work. Tita cory is one of a kind. The most approachable and down to earth boss. Tita cory was always good to me. If u have the chance to thank her pls do so...kasi ang bait niya talaga sakin so that's it!!!!! Its a new chapter. I closed a book... I'm starting a new one...but the pages from the previous book will never be forgotten. have a happy weekend!!!!”

“This is the card attached to the flowers I sent tita linggit I said thank you to her because she always believed in me and my talent. She was more than a boss to me. She...tita linggit will always be in my heart. So many people. The others I haven't even thanked. I said my thank yous to boss gabby,mam charo,tita cory,tita linggit, mr.bong osorio and direk lauren. Direk lauren was the one who interviewed me when I was still in channel 7. Then direk lauren got me in his unit. I remember what tito boy told me when he said I was going to do pbb... Tito boy said 'mariel its not a lot of money but you are gna get the exposure of a lifetime' that's what tito boy told me. I never forgot. Direk lauren was always honest with me. I am grateful. I know our paths will cross again I didn't get to thank sir deo but sir deo made me varga... He also believed in me...oh my gosh baka forever ang ktext kung babanggitin ko lahat ng malaki ang role na naplay sa buhay ko. Pero lahat yun nasa heart ko. Maraming salamat abs-cbn!!!!!”

“Official. I said my thank yous to abs last wednesday. I will always be grateful for the breaks that they gave me, the unforgettable experiences and the wonderful people I met along the way. Abs is home. I don't like saying goodbye. I'm hopeful that one day I will see them all again. I grew up in abs. They made mariel rodriguez. Thank you abs-cbn. Thank you for the wonderful years!!!!!!!! Thank you!!! Sometimes there are things that u don't exactly want to do but have to do in order to grow. Thank you for everything!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the hardest decision I've ever had to make. The hardest. Gusto ko magpasalamat sa lahat ng mga nag email,pumirma, nagtweet...lahat. The bosses told me about all of them. thank u po sa pagmamahal. Salamat na marami. I asked interactive if I may keep my ktext they were kind enough to allow me to keep it so that I can still be in touch with all of you!!!!!! I love you all!!!! Hindi po ito madali. Kaya lang I have to stand by my word. Thank you!!!!!!!!! I will be going to toni's concert on the 31st I asked her already. That just goes to show that no matter our differences and misunderstandings friendship will supersede all. Okay? I hope that clarifies everything thank u again!!! May God bless all of us.” 

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